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-state of the art pro-brain surgeon propaganda-

'Not a Doctor' since 1903

blake writes
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Excessive gore, violence & torture; bare-breasted mermaids story; atom bomb panels; Gabby Hayes ends; tongue ripped out; Betty & Veronica sell souls to Devil; bondage/hypodermic panel; eyeball story; nudity panels of Betty Brant; people cooked alive; "The Hot Rod Gang" dope crazy kids; nude female painting; dismemberment, decapitation, article on human flesh for sale, Devil, whipping; 'Commie' torture story "Drug-Diet Horror;" cheesecake photos of Hollywood stars; teenagers smoke reefers; origin of Hitler feature story; Plastic Man forced to smoke marijuana; electric chair issue; tells how rock music is Satanic & produced by witches; President Nixon app.; tomboy story "I Hated Being A Woman;" acid in face story; injury to eye panel; man holds hypo & splits in two; heart torn out, blood drainage; woman melted alive; silhouetted nudity panel; "I Joined a Teen-age Sex Club" story; eyes torn out; Gabby Hayes returns; lingerie panels; opium den drug use story; Archie dresses as his aunt; man attacks & kills people with electric iron; nudist ranch panel w/four girls; female heroin junkie story; "unholy passion" story; cover shows girl in bondage having her blood drained; Wolverine cameo.

Man, Richie Rich sure was different back then.