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And now I make a post!

The Hembeck Challenge (via seebelow)
1.) That comic that has everyone in those two splash pages
2.) The Silver Age.
3.) Phil Foglio, even when he's drawing porn
4.) Alan Moore, even when he's crazy
5.) When Bendis and Brubaker write about crime
6.) Warren Ellis, when he's on his game
7.) Sergio Aragones
8.) The public persona of Stan Lee
9.) The world and people of Carla Speed McNeil's Finder
10.) That one time when EC was using Bradbury's work without his permission, and instead of suing them, he just sent them a letter saying that they had forgot to pay him. They did, and they formed a partnership adapting his stories.
11.) It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken
12.) A Contract With God
13.) Jar of Fools
14.) The Escapist making the leap from a comic character in a book to a comic in his own right
15.) Teddy Roosevelt
16.) MAD Magazine, when it was subversive
17.) Doctor Strange And Doctor Doom - Triumph And Torment
18.) Frank Miller before his head got all big
19.) Silver Surfer vs Dracula. This does not happen outside of comics
20.) Dan Slott's She-Hulk
21.) Scott McCloud's Zot
22.) Slingers, for as long as it lasted
23.) Y: The Last Man
24.) The ugly truth that is evident in every panel of Stardust The Super Wizard
25.) The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck
26.) Jeff Smith's Bone
27.) "Where would we be today if the Pilgrims didn't care about American history?" -The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln
28.) Grant Morrison’s final issue of Doom Patrol
29.) Peter Parker as a high school teacher
30.) Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, and James Robinson making me care about history
31.) Nextwave. His name is The Captain!
32.) Garth Ennis’ War Stories
33.) The Haunted Tank
34.) The pop awesome of Milligan and Allred's X-Force/X-Statix
35.) Morrison on New X-Men making me care about Cyclops
36.) What-Ifs and Elseworlds
37.) Every single bit of Scott Pilgrim
38.) Shaolin Cowboy
39.) John Ostrander's Suicide Squad
40.) Kate Beaton
41.) All you beautiful people out there on the internet
42.) Cow and Boy
43.) Nintendo Power Comics
44.) Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind
45.) Batman
46.) Superman
47.) Green Lantren and Flash being generational legacies
48.) The Handbooks to the Marvel Universe and Who's Who
49.) The Comic Book Liberation Army
50.) Speculating endlessly

A couple of interesting psych articles, because I guess I'm suppose to be intrested in that sort of thing, all via mindhacks.
One, is the cinematograph making us stupid? 19th century psychoanalysts agree, it may be harming you and driving your children to madness!
Two, a study on neuroplasticity and juggling, which I'm logging for future use.
and Three, a joint publication by a number of leading neuroscientists and magicians (including Teller) on the use of magic in cognitive processing. Which makes perfect sense.

Progress Quest looks interesting. If you've been meaning to play an MMORPG where all you have to do is create a character then watch the results, this is the game for you. I feel a strong sense of accomplishment already!

So they find that some cancers are contagious. See also: 'Virophages', or viruses that can infect other viruses

US and Brits are busy at work making cloaks of invisibility available to both the military and adventurers with 100 gold pieces.

Russian judge rules that Sexual Harassment Is OK, as it will help humans to breed. That's...some interesting thinking, Russian judge. Could be worse. Could be Italy.

Looks like Brick writer-director Rian Johnson is also going to be trying his hand at time-travel, via Looper.

A great article on the failure of engineering in Star Trek: "A good example is a machine gun; it uses a simple, elegant and robust mechanical system to eject each cartridge and load the next, based on gas pressure, springs, rods, and other low-tech principles. The simpler, the better. With modern technology, we could design a machine gun that uses miniaturized robotics instead, but why? The resulting weapon would be far more expensive, and far less reliable. It would require a power source, and software. It would be far more difficult to maintain. But in the world of Star Trek, that's exactly how they would do it. In a world where medical isolation bays use forcefields instead of walls, and where dumbbells have touch-screen controls on them, even the dumbest application of excessive technology is not only approved; it's mandatory."
I can forgive Trek it's many faults in futurism, biology, astronomy, ecology, wesleys...but engineering? These are not new concepts, and it's a little strange that redundency becomes obsolete in the future, along with wi-fi and money.

Lots of buzz in the comic news industry on recovered correspondence between Detective Comics and Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel. Notes include superman being too homosexual, Lois needing an "abortion" to get rid of that belly fat, and just a general sense of disrespect and hate for the actual creators. I understand that they might have been a little bitter.

I call my brother "Son", 'cause he shines like one. David Brothers over at 4th Letter talks about Grant Morrison, New Gods, and Black Futurism.

Ah, so this is how CSI works in the worlds of comic books...

Holy crap, Who is Clark Rockefeller? Kind of a strange mystery a-brewin'...

Alan Moore would like to tell you about his favorite super-hero, Herbie Popnecker. No matter how many drugs today's "comicteers" take, they'll never match it. Never.

This one's for the Whoveans (and the fan-fictioners)

I watched Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days just recently, so I feel the need to post this:
See more funny videos at Funny or Die
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