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04 August 2008 @ 03:41 pm
You got gay-married to a snail-person!  
Queen's Guitarist publishes Astrophysics thesis. Ties in Persian poetry as well. Was planning to get it all along, but took a 30-year break to play some guitar.

Are you saddened because those NSA roleplaying sessions just don't have the hint of realism that over 400 real-life blank forms could bring? Well, the Memory Hole has a post for you!

"I get a lot of laughs watching my animals figure out their lives and I get pretty sad when it’s time to kill them. I have a lot more death in my life than I did before. And, ironically, that’s part of the reason why I feel like I have a lot more life in my life." An interesting piece on farming via boingboing

MySpace gives Pastor a prophetic edge. I can't decide if that's horrible that he's misleading people to gain a hold over them (to the extend that parents pulled their daughter out of college), or if he gets props for being a clever, canny old man pulling a con over rubes to dense to see through it.

Stay classy, John McCain.

You know, NYT, if you want to just say that horrible elder gods once roamed the universe, breaking it's laws until the current world stood in the ashes, you could just say so. Or you could just tell use that "stars" did it.

Another interesting NYT article, this one on Internet Trolls. Only recently have I visited 4chan for the first time, and his metaphor for it as a "reverse panopticon" struck me as profound. There's a lot here that's obvious (to folks who spend that much time on the web, and a lot I'd question the accuracy of, but a good read. BoingBoing has more.

So they're actually publishing a Garfield minus Garfield Book? That's pretty advanced thinking for a publisher that's been running the same jokes for 30 years.

Those space-time travel maps are pretty faboo.

The creator of 7 Reasons Not to Date a Tyrannosaurus Rex brings you 10 Reasons to Date a Unicorn. Via neatorama.