October 13th, 2010


Last month in links

“Don’t kill me in a bakery,” Cherninsky says.
“Don’t steal bread.”
“What do you want? I’m a thief.”

Short fiction from Sam Lipsyte: "The Dungeon Master".

"How I Got Here In The End" is an autobio of sorts by Charles Stross. Interesting read.

There's a lot of books I should go back and read, but the looming threat of The Suck Fairy is been keeping me at bay.

For my more musically inclined friends: Super Mario Brothers sheet music, every tune and sound effect.

The hidious pickled corpse of Pac-Man haunts my dreams. Or my consoles.

"George Lucas Stole Chewbacca, But It's Okay" is an essay on the origins of everyone's favorite wingman. Spoiler alert: he's not based on George's dog. By the same author "George Lucas: Maker of Films" (featuring a documentary about Lucas made before Star Wars or American Graffiti), and the Precursor to the Star Destroyer (which I maintain is a paper airplane).

For my gamers, present and future: A Player's Primer. This is why I play with the people I do: They get it.

The Great European Shouting Match: Seeing Europe through the eyes of Euro-people. Also USA-people. It's stereotype-ariffic!

Abstruse Goose covers the very basics of saying "Hello."

Seth Kushner's CulturePop is probably the best photo comic I've ever seen.

L'Abbaye de Mortsis an indie game by Locomalito that's short, atmospheric, and challenging. It is what Castlevania would have been if invented ten years sooner by monks in a Spanish abby.

Some recent interesting looking trailers:


Iron Man Dance from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

UFFIE - Difficult from Uffie on Vimeo.