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8 ways Spiderman could help you survive a zombie outbreak

Would you expect Dark Crystal concept art not to be awesome? Why?

If you drew a G-rated comic strip for forty years, you'd also start sending your publisher some filthy sex gags, even if you know they'll get shot down. Such is the case with Mort Walker's Beetle Baily and a recent finnish collection of said strips.

Michael J. Fox aged a lot better than Marty McFly.

This artist took modern day electronic goods and reimagined them as products of the 1970s. It's well done, and the results look like something that could have been marketed (and created) in that decade. My only nitpick is the overuse of fake wood paneling, as you really don't see much of it on electronic products of the day (unless they were marketed to the older generation). Oh, and the magazine blurbs are hilarious.

Linkbait Generator helps you find the perfect post title to draw in the hits.

issendai has a guide to keeping someone with you forever via unhealthy relationships (be it family, lover, employer). It all boils down to a couple things that cults and pyramid schemes have known for centuries, and although I'm sure most of you reading this are not in a "sick system", you may know someone who needs this information.

I keep forgetting that Red vs. Blue still exists, but I'm glad someone from S_D posted the most recent video. It's an impressive ensemble action sequence for anything, but especially a Machinima. I don't think I've seen a fight that uses the environment so well since old-school Jackie Chan.

Do you need a new free indie game to play? Here's 235 to choose from. Yoinked from here, where there's another video with 190 games in development.

Wax On, F*ck Off with Ralph Macchio from Ralph Macchio</div>

Ad Men from Todd Alcott on Vimeo.

The strange case of the Writer Who Couldn't Read. This is why I find neuroscience fascinating.

A centaur met a mermaid, as he trotted by the sea;
She noticed not his heavy hooves, nor he her single knee,
As they lingered there, expelling time with heart-inspired chatter
The direction of their love so strong ... bottoms didn’t matter!

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