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Can't think of title likes no more.

I've been playing Hero Core on hard mode, which despite what you may think, is hella hard. But the game itself is super fun and manages to combine some of the best features of modern free-roaming environments with minimalist blocky bits. Plus, it won't take forever and a day to beat.

Similarly, I've only played a tiny bit of Hydorah, a Spanish-created side-scrolling shooter with a lot of heart and advancement on classical SHUMPS. I also recommend it, although it too is a mucho challenge.

Holy crap this movie. I was in love with My Science Project during middle school, when I uncovered it in a local rental shop's "cheap" section. Gotta rewatch it.

I am sad that the first I see of this awesome poster is to hear that it has sold out.

A nifty visualization of Larry Niven's Ringworld, which I should probably get aroud to reading properly someday.

The Scott Pilgrim video game trailer is almost exactly what I pictured in my dreams.

Oxygen from Christopher Hendryx on Vimeo.


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