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I do declare.

A partial map of your TARDIS (subject to change). Makes the House of Leaves look like Barbie's Dream House. Also seeTARDIS control rooms to understand what all the doodads on the thingamabob do.

The fake movie poster they tried to ban is the best movie poser for a non-existing movie maybe ever.

Boing Boing links to the visual study guide to cognitive biases.

Scott McCloud links to the RSA, who do an amazing job of using visuals in their educational videos.

The Facts in the Case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a short comic detailing the bad science behind the crusade against vaccination. At first you think Wakefield's just an idiot, but it gets worse.

A great Wolverine story by Faith Erin Hicks. He's the best he is at what he does, and what he does is want to eat breakfast.

The Map Room has a great map of California used by film producers to find shooting locations. You can tell it's pre-Star Trek, 'cause there's no "Alien Planet" right in the center.

Man, those Ghostbusters are jerks. Ghost's just trying to use the library!


A mini-doc on pixel art, makes an interesting point.

Amock: the movie from Amock on Vimeo.

Another short film featuring the Tin Man! I liked Death to the Tin Man is a bit better, but the effects here are very nice.
Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man from Brandon McCormick on Vimeo.

Old Prisoners of Gravity episode about Neil Gaiman and Sandman, created while one was still working on the other.
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