blake writes (blake_reitz) wrote,
blake writes

He's kissing colors with his dying breath!

Remember single-button platformer CANABALT? Well, now it can teach you typing!

I think Give Up, Robot can best be described as a cross between You Got The Grappling Hook (in terms of the grappling hook) and Portal (in terms of disapproving robotic voice). Except not really.

Fake science is so real it hurts.

The internet is right, this mini-cannon is fantastic. I want ten, one for each finger.

Still really want to see the restored version of Metropolis.

Noted here for future use: Jo Walton lists what SF authors you should start reading for each letter of the alphabet. It's gonna be a lotta books.

Vernor Vinge, Locus Award winner Charles Stross, and Karl Schroeder talk about the singularity.

The Singularity: An Appraisal from Michael Johnson on Vimeo.

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