Last month in links

“Don’t kill me in a bakery,” Cherninsky says.
“Don’t steal bread.”
“What do you want? I’m a thief.”

Short fiction from Sam Lipsyte: "The Dungeon Master".

"How I Got Here In The End" is an autobio of sorts by Charles Stross. Interesting read.

There's a lot of books I should go back and read, but the looming threat of The Suck Fairy is been keeping me at bay.

For my more musically inclined friends: Super Mario Brothers sheet music, every tune and sound effect.

The hidious pickled corpse of Pac-Man haunts my dreams. Or my consoles.

"George Lucas Stole Chewbacca, But It's Okay" is an essay on the origins of everyone's favorite wingman. Spoiler alert: he's not based on George's dog. By the same author "George Lucas: Maker of Films" (featuring a documentary about Lucas made before Star Wars or American Graffiti), and the Precursor to the Star Destroyer (which I maintain is a paper airplane).

For my gamers, present and future: A Player's Primer. This is why I play with the people I do: They get it.

The Great European Shouting Match: Seeing Europe through the eyes of Euro-people. Also USA-people. It's stereotype-ariffic!

Abstruse Goose covers the very basics of saying "Hello."

Seth Kushner's CulturePop is probably the best photo comic I've ever seen.

L'Abbaye de Mortsis an indie game by Locomalito that's short, atmospheric, and challenging. It is what Castlevania would have been if invented ten years sooner by monks in a Spanish abby.

Some recent interesting looking trailers:


Iron Man Dance from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

UFFIE - Difficult from Uffie on Vimeo.


Six more mysteries and a giant sasquatch

Quick Plug: Aruneus is a Pathfinder RPG setting in development in which the most recent apocalypse was of the zombie variety. Almost all fantasy RPG worlds are really post-apocalypse worlds (dangerous mutated creatures skitter about blasted wastelands, kingdoms build on the ruins of ancient civilizations war, "heroes" go scavanging for various high-powered artifacts, etc.), but it's interesting to see a(n ironically fresh) zombie take on it.

Unrelated: This is the kind of gun I would build if I was in Inception. That may not make sense to you, but I have a lot of tetris dreams.

8 ways Spiderman could help you survive a zombie outbreak

Would you expect Dark Crystal concept art not to be awesome? Why?

If you drew a G-rated comic strip for forty years, you'd also start sending your publisher some filthy sex gags, even if you know they'll get shot down. Such is the case with Mort Walker's Beetle Baily and a recent finnish collection of said strips.

Michael J. Fox aged a lot better than Marty McFly.

This artist took modern day electronic goods and reimagined them as products of the 1970s. It's well done, and the results look like something that could have been marketed (and created) in that decade. My only nitpick is the overuse of fake wood paneling, as you really don't see much of it on electronic products of the day (unless they were marketed to the older generation). Oh, and the magazine blurbs are hilarious.

Linkbait Generator helps you find the perfect post title to draw in the hits.

issendai has a guide to keeping someone with you forever via unhealthy relationships (be it family, lover, employer). It all boils down to a couple things that cults and pyramid schemes have known for centuries, and although I'm sure most of you reading this are not in a "sick system", you may know someone who needs this information.

I keep forgetting that Red vs. Blue still exists, but I'm glad someone from S_D posted the most recent video. It's an impressive ensemble action sequence for anything, but especially a Machinima. I don't think I've seen a fight that uses the environment so well since old-school Jackie Chan.

Do you need a new free indie game to play? Here's 235 to choose from. Yoinked from here, where there's another video with 190 games in development.

Wax On, F*ck Off with Ralph Macchio from Ralph Macchio</div>

Ad Men from Todd Alcott on Vimeo.

The strange case of the Writer Who Couldn't Read. This is why I find neuroscience fascinating.

A centaur met a mermaid, as he trotted by the sea;
She noticed not his heavy hooves, nor he her single knee,
As they lingered there, expelling time with heart-inspired chatter
The direction of their love so strong ... bottoms didn’t matter!

Can't think of title likes no more.

I've been playing Hero Core on hard mode, which despite what you may think, is hella hard. But the game itself is super fun and manages to combine some of the best features of modern free-roaming environments with minimalist blocky bits. Plus, it won't take forever and a day to beat.

Similarly, I've only played a tiny bit of Hydorah, a Spanish-created side-scrolling shooter with a lot of heart and advancement on classical SHUMPS. I also recommend it, although it too is a mucho challenge.

Holy crap this movie. I was in love with My Science Project during middle school, when I uncovered it in a local rental shop's "cheap" section. Gotta rewatch it.

I am sad that the first I see of this awesome poster is to hear that it has sold out.

A nifty visualization of Larry Niven's Ringworld, which I should probably get aroud to reading properly someday.

The Scott Pilgrim video game trailer is almost exactly what I pictured in my dreams.

Oxygen from Christopher Hendryx on Vimeo.


Likes to pilfer podiums

Ben Grim: PI. I'd read that comic

SPACE JAM: Terrible movie, or ancient Mayan prophesy? Threat or menace?!

Raymond and CUBE take you on a wonderfully illustrated journey through the world of LARPing!

FRANK DANCOOLO: PARANORMAL DRUG DEALER is about as strange as it gets.

Zimbardo on time.

It occurs to be that people would watch a Christina Hendricks Firefly spin-off. Ok, I would watch it.

Oh man, Bastardo! I haven't seen that in ages.

I do declare.

A partial map of your TARDIS (subject to change). Makes the House of Leaves look like Barbie's Dream House. Also seeTARDIS control rooms to understand what all the doodads on the thingamabob do.

The fake movie poster they tried to ban is the best movie poser for a non-existing movie maybe ever.

Boing Boing links to the visual study guide to cognitive biases.

Scott McCloud links to the RSA, who do an amazing job of using visuals in their educational videos.

The Facts in the Case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a short comic detailing the bad science behind the crusade against vaccination. At first you think Wakefield's just an idiot, but it gets worse.

A great Wolverine story by Faith Erin Hicks. He's the best he is at what he does, and what he does is want to eat breakfast.

The Map Room has a great map of California used by film producers to find shooting locations. You can tell it's pre-Star Trek, 'cause there's no "Alien Planet" right in the center.

Man, those Ghostbusters are jerks. Ghost's just trying to use the library!


A mini-doc on pixel art, makes an interesting point.

Amock: the movie from Amock on Vimeo.

Another short film featuring the Tin Man! I liked Death to the Tin Man is a bit better, but the effects here are very nice.
Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man from Brandon McCormick on Vimeo.

Old Prisoners of Gravity episode about Neil Gaiman and Sandman, created while one was still working on the other.

He's kissing colors with his dying breath!

Remember single-button platformer CANABALT? Well, now it can teach you typing!

I think Give Up, Robot can best be described as a cross between You Got The Grappling Hook (in terms of the grappling hook) and Portal (in terms of disapproving robotic voice). Except not really.

Fake science is so real it hurts.

The internet is right, this mini-cannon is fantastic. I want ten, one for each finger.

Still really want to see the restored version of Metropolis.

Noted here for future use: Jo Walton lists what SF authors you should start reading for each letter of the alphabet. It's gonna be a lotta books.

Vernor Vinge, Locus Award winner Charles Stross, and Karl Schroeder talk about the singularity.

The Singularity: An Appraisal from Michael Johnson on Vimeo.


Don't make me refer you to the Department of Nosy Broads with busted teath

Three things on the indie game front, then stuff:

Super Mario Bros. Crossover, built from scratch by a dude who taught himself programing so he could make this game is exactly the kind of game you make when you want to make a game so bad you teach yourself programing to do so. The vision here was very clear. Also, beating Super Mario Bros as Samus is hella fun. And Link is shockingly good in X-4 levels. Plus, it's just fun to run through a level of flying fish, gunning everything down Contra-style.

Hero Core also released this week, by the creator of Iij. If the Atari had never ceased production, this is the game that would have resulted. Also if it had babies with Metroid.

And short, minimalist platformer Love has a demo for the new version, which will hopefully drop soon. And a level creator!

Good Show Sir is a blog about really awful SF book covers. I mean,just look.

Interesting article on how the brain makes memories.

John Seavey's brilliant take on the biography of Steve Rogers is something I would read. Something I would super-read.

Troubled? ZeFrank would like you to chill.

Remember the rimshot button? Now there isa collection of buttons for rimshots and EVERYTHING ELSE.

In the 80's someone asked The Straight Dope's Cecil "What's the deal with Dungeons and Dragons?" The answer is pretty hilarious, although entirely accurate.

A timeline of Facebook descent into evil. Not that I'll stop using it just yet.

The desert does crazy things to a man's mind (yoink).

YOU! LOOK AT ME! from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.